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Saying no to difficult people has its own challenges. You want to say no. You need to say no. But somehow you just can’t seem to do it. It may be that:

  • You can’t find ways to say no in a way you feel comfortable with;
  • You struggle with what to say;
  • You struggle to set a boundary with certain people;
  • Some objections seem too difficult to overcome; or
  • You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings .

Setting boundaries isn’t easy. In this simple, practical book, Stephanie Sterner reveals seven strategies for setting boundaries gracefully especially with difficult people. This book will help you to:

  • Identify the objections and manipulative tactics being used to distract you;
  • Use strategies such as buying yourself time ;
  • Consider alternative options that allow you to seek solutions rather than focus on obstacles;
  • Recognize various tactics that might be employed against you to get you to say yes;
  • Adopt techniques that will help you to deal with difficult people in particular; and
  • Find words that will work for you in different scenarios.

After reading this book you’ll have the tools and understanding to make the choices you really want to make. You’ll be able to make use of words in a way that will enable you to say no gracefully. Moreover, you’ll be able to set your limits simply and clearly, especially in situations where someone is trying to manipulate or control you.

And the more you stand up for yourself, the more your self-esteem will soar.

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