Woman with old suitcase walking away from people pleasing

People-Pleasing: Are you turning your back on yourself?

We’re taught at an early age to be responsible, to be kind to others and to avoid becoming selfish. Without these values, our survival as a species would be in question. So how do you know when you’ve crossed the line from caring to people-pleasing?

woman in field showing her not being manipulated

21 Ways to Stop Being Manipulated

Let’s face it: being manipulated sucks. Possibly the only thing worse than being manipulated is having to admit our dirty little secret. When we realize we’ve been had, we feel stupid, weak and ashamed. And it doesn’t end there. If we keep falling for their tricks, manipulators leave us with a bad feeling about the world around us.

woman looking overwhelmed

Overwhelmed by the Holidays?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the holidays? If you want to avoid repeating the same old dramas, anxieties, melt-downs, conflicts, disappointments and trashed finances, you’ll need to rethink your approach.